How Much Does An Acoustic Guitar Cost?

6 min readJan 10, 2022

How Much Does An Acoustic Guitar Cost?

If you are wondering whether an acoustic guitar of your choice is affordable to you or not, you are on the right track to knowing about it. In this article, we will talk about how much does an acoustic guitar costs.

The pricing of every product is always categorized according to some specific criteria. The categorization in this article is based upon the quality as well as the levels of playing guitar.

It is no doubt a challenging process to buy guitars as musical instruments are rather costly and cannot be bought without a proper guideline for their prices. A decent guitar can be purchased but what it costs matters a lot.

So, for this purpose, there are a couple of things that define the overall cost of an acoustic guitar at each level. These include the accessories, the bridge, strings material, picks, and keys. Here we are presenting the guide of an acoustic guitar costing for different levels.

Beginners Level Acoustic guitars:

A starter kit is the best possible option for beginners. It is just not an ordinary kit but it definitely includes all the essentials for the learners which could be in a professional level guitar.

It is important to start learning the lessons in the simplest ways and through the easiest instrument. These entry-level guitars are cost-friendly instruments but it does not mean these are not worth buying. The cost of these less costly acoustic guitars varies according to their versions whether the old or the latest. Some of these guitars are:

Fender CD-60 :

For a nicely balanced tone for beginners and learners, CD-60 is the foremost choice. It is recommended for learners as it is affordable and mostly comes with a complete set of strings, straps, picks, and a comprehensive instructional DVD. All the beginner guitarists would have a nice experience with it. It is made up of a spruce material top with a laminated body. It costs 108.40 Euros which is almost 123 US dollars.


Yamaha :

The JR model of the Yamaha series is a 33-inch acoustic guitar and is more preferable for learners. Yamaha is among the best companies that offer musical instruments in an affordable manner along with expensive ones.

When it comes to the cost of the Yamaha series of acoustic guitars, this model costs you 209.20 Euros, which is almost equal to 240 US dollars.


Yamaha LS-6 :

A small and easy-to-carry guitar without cutaways is LS-6. It is perfect and among the most sold equipment due to its comfortable shape and a built-in pickup to connect it. Although it costs 596 US dollars, it surely gives the best performance.

Intermediate Level Acoustic Guitars

As an intermediate player, you might know the basics of acoustic guitar and definitely have some command over the few scales. From the beginner’s instruments, now it’s the time for you to move on towards the intermediate level guitars to enhance your skills and build your music career.

Martin Acoustic Guitars :

Martin guitars are the most delicate and most popular among professionals as well as for intermediate players. Due to their fine and delicate pitch and volume, martin acoustic guitars are the most expensive ones. Their price range starts from 2000 US dollars and goes well above 50000 US dollars.


Taylor Acoustic Guitars :

For the purpose of money-saving and budget-friendly scope, Taylor acoustic guitars are more suitable for an intermediate player. Although, Martin guitars have a vast scope as compared to all other brands still Taylors are the good competitors.

Having a dreadnought body along with the downsized stature, Taylor Guitars is affordable equipment. There exist several series of Taylor acoustic guitars and their costs differ accordingly. Such as the Koa series costs 4,699 Dollars, the GT series costs 1,399 Dollars, the American dream series costs 1,599 Dollars, and so on.

Professional Level Acoustic Guitars:

Professionals usually prefer guitars that could be adjustable and could bear the rough tugs as well. Most professional guitar players prefer an electric guitar over an acoustic as it has more features and a vast variety of tones. As they have to perform on stage and be experienced, they need easy to carry and branded material which includes high-end acoustic guitars such as:

Martin D-28 :

An advanced and professional instrument is the Martin series which has a sequence of acoustic guitars from beginners set to a professional kit. This is made of Ebony wood with the Back material of rosewood. It costs 2,999 US Dollars and can seldom be affordable for a beginner.


Fender PM-01 :

A top acoustic guitar of the latest model encompasses acoustically accurate sound. It includes three series within it which are of different price. For a standard Fender PM-1, the average cost is about 799 Dollars.


Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we will answer some FAQs to clear your minds further.

What is the average cost of an acoustic guitar?

The average price of an acoustic guitar is not defined as the models of every acoustic guitar update their series each year or sometimes twice a year. According to the Statista Research Department, the current average cost of an acoustic guitar is 598 US Dollars in 2021 while it was 560 Dollars back then in 2019.

How much can I get for my acoustic guitar?

Not only the buying price fluctuates according to the model and characteristics of a certain acoustic guitar but it also differs in sale price. You can get what you want for your acoustic guitar if your customer is attracted by your instrument.
Sellers of used acoustic guitars can get a minimum of 250 Us Dollars to an average of 300 Dollars and again it is surely influenced by the brand of your acoustic guitar.,.

Final Words

This was all about how much does an acoustic guitar costs. A professional guitarist goes for a decent instrument no matter if it is an expensive guitar or a cheap one. Checking the sound quality and the build quality of an electric guitar or an acoustic is not a problem for an experienced player.

There are many expensive models of guitars available in the market with price points above 50000 US dollars. A few bucks don’t matter if you can get a better guitar. So, don’t be afraid of the expensive guitars. Take a professional with you and get a guitar with complete accessories such as a gig bag, extra strings, tuning accessories, etc.

At last, I would say that do some research and ponder upon the thoughts at least two or three weeks prior to buying a guitar. If you still have some problems regarding buying a guitar, contact us through the comment section.

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