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Hello reader, this post will be very interesting because I will review Yamaha f280 Guitar in this post. But the special reason to review this guitar is that this Yamaha f280 Acoustic Guitar was made in India.

Yamaha f280 Guitar Review

Firstly, I have heard from many people that the Yamaha f310 is the guitar of India. People like this guitar very much. So Yamaha made the Yamaha f280 guitar only for India. Another good thing is that Yamaha made this f280 in India and not in other countries.

Below we have discussed the specifications of the Yamaha f280 acoustic guitar in detail. Further, if you read these specifications well, you will understand how much better Yamaha f280 acoustic guitar is for entry-level.

When it comes to quality, we all know how Yamaha processes its quality. Yamaha always strives to give us good stability and durability. Because this Yamaha f280 guitar uses very good quality tonewood. Yamaha also has a long history of making good musical instruments. Also, with this Yamaha f280 acoustic guitar, you can produce the sound you want.

Body Of Yamaha F280 Guitar

On the Yamaha F260 Guitar, you will find all the laminated construction. The body shape is traditional Western and the top is made with spruce. But Yamaha did not mention what wood was used in the back and neck. But to make this guitar using very good tonewood. However, I realized using this guitar, it seems to be made with rosewood.

What is the size of the Yamaha F280 guitar?

The size of the Yamaha F260 guitar is also a very common size. Because most people have a guitar of this size. The size of this guitar is also given below: -

Yamaha F280 guitar fretboard and bridge built with rosewood. But With this, you will see good freight work here in this gutter. This Yamaha F280 guitar is now made in India. For this reason, Yamaha has very good quality control. For example, the way the quality of the Yamaha f310 is checking. In that way, the quality of the F280 guitars is checked also.

So I like this guitar very much as a sound. And this guitar is very comfortable to play. Also, this Yamaha F260 guitar is dreadnought so good volume and bass can be heard. Therefore, In the video below you can hear the sound of the Yamaha F260 guitar.

You can get this guitar from Amazon for Rs.6990/ — rupees. But as for me, Yamaha is offering a good guitar at this price. So, make sure you use this guitar.

Frequently Ask Question

Is Yamaha F280 a good guitar?

Yes, because Yamaha always provides us with good quality guitars. And the Yamaha F280 guitar is just for India so Yamaha has good quality control. For example, by checking the quality like f310.

Is Yamaha F280 good for beginners?

Yes, the Yamaha F280 guitar is made for beginners. Because this guitar has good quality sound and volume. Also, this guitar is very comfortable to play because of having 10.0mm string spacing.

What is the size of the Yamaha F280 guitar?

Scale Length: 634mm (25")
Body Length: 505mm (19 7/8″)
Total Length: 1029mm (40 1/2″)
Body Width: 412mm (16 1/4″)
Body Depth: 96–116mm (3 13/16″ — 4 9/16″)
Nut Width: 43mm (1 11/16")
String Spacing *: 10.0mm

Does Yamaha F280 have a truss rod?

Yes, the Yamaha F280 guitar has truss rods, so the neck of the guitar does not bend. And with the help of this truss rod, we can match the action of this guitar.

Pros and Cons Yamaha F280 Guitar Review


  • Good sound quality at a low price.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • High durability and stability.
  • Comfortable playing ability for beginners.


  • No accessories
  • Also comes without a gig bag, tuner, etc


To sum up, In my opinion, the Yamaha F280 guitar gives good quality and sound at this price. But this guitar is a good option for entry-level. So, I would suggest you use the Yamaha F280 guitar. You will be satisfied with the Yamaha F280 guitar.

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