You have started learning the guitar, but you will have to play the song from the beginning. For this, I have brought Chords for Beginner Guitar for you. Here I will give you 3 chords progression for beginners, in which there will be a progression of 3 major and 3 minor chords.

With this chords progression, you can play over 100 Bollywood songs. But below we have discussed how these chords beginners can play with songs on the guitar. If you want to know, read this post carefully from beginning to end.

Before you know beginners chords, you should know

I have heard many times from beginners which is the best guitar for beginners. So the reason for this question is that there are different types of guitars in India. And so beginners can’t choose which guitar would be best for them.

But this article will be very good for beginners. Because here I will discuss some points. With the help of which the beginners can choose the perfect guitar for them.

Which is the Best Guitar for Beginners

However, if you ask me Which is the best guitar for beginners? If I answer this question in one word. then, in my opinion, that guitar is easy…

Hello reader, this post will be very interesting because I will review Yamaha f280 Guitar in this post. But the special reason to review this guitar is that this Yamaha f280 Acoustic Guitar was made in India.

Yamaha f280 Guitar Review

Firstly, I have heard from many people that the Yamaha f310 is the guitar of India. People like this guitar very much. So Yamaha made the Yamaha f280 guitar only for India. Another good thing is that Yamaha made this f280 in India and not in other countries.

Below we have discussed the specifications of the Yamaha f280 acoustic guitar in detail. Further…

Learning the guitar is not a difficult task nowadays. Because now is the time for the internet, you can learn the guitar for free at home. So in this post, I have brought for you Best Free Guitar Learning App for Beginners . Further, with this Best Free Guitar Learning App, you will become a good guitarist after some time.

Moreover, you can use this best free guitar learning app on Android and iOS operating systems. With the help of these apps, you can easily learn guitar lead, guitar chord, rhythm, strumming. …

Electric guitars are very popular these days. Because electric guitars can produce many kinds of melodies. So in this article, I will talk about Best Selling Electric Guitar in India. In addition, I will give you a list of best selling electric guitar strings or top-selling electric guitar strings.

We all want to buy a good electric guitar at a low price. However, if you buy an electric guitar at a lower price, you will not get such good quality. …

Are you looking for a Yamaha guitar for 5,000 rupees or Yamaha acoustic guitar under 5000? Also, I will tell you in this post, can you get a Yamaha guitar under 5000. And with that, I will discuss in this post, what makes Yamaha guitar different from others? In addition, I will discuss the best acoustic guitar under 3000. And the best acoustic-electric guitar under 3000. And also give a list of some guitars.

What makes Yamaha guitar different from others?

Over the years, Yamaha has been adding its guitars to Lineup. There are many factors that make the Yamaha guitar different from others. The most important…

Music is a thing that can take you to a very good stage. If you listen to it with your ears and feel it with your heart. If you are a guitarist then you are looking for the best Hindi song with guitar. Because Hindi music is very popular in India.

Hindi song with Guitar — In this post, I will tell you some songs that are easy. On the other hand, this Hindi song will be very popular and very good for beginners. Because beginners can play these songs on guitar with open chords. But some songs will have…

Hello friends, are you looking for a good electric Yamaha guitar? Or you may be looking for an electric Yamaha guitar that is within your budget and has to be good.

However, you have come to the right place. If you read this post till the end, you will know about the good electric Yamaha guitars. So, apart from this, you can know many more things like: -

  • Yamaha Electric Guitar Price in India.
  • Yamaha Electric Guitar for Beginners, Which one would be better.
  • I will give you the specification of the Yamaha Electric Guitars. …

Yamaha f310 vs fs100c Comparison and Difference

Are you Confucius? Yamaha f310 vs fs100c would be good for you. There is no reason to worry so much, you can read this post from beginning to end to know which guitar is better, the Yamaha F310 or FS100C? And also with that, you can learn more about Yamaha f310 and Yamaha fs100c guitar.

However, there is a slight gap between the Yamaha f310 vs fs100c. And Most importantly everything else is pretty much the same. But there are two important differences between Yamaha f310 vs fs100c. Which I will discuss before this poster. …

RUPAM NATH helps people to find the best electric and acoustic guitar in your budget.

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